Co-Op: RIT GCCIS Professor Catherine Beaton

The Story

Cathy Beaton is a professor at RIT's computing college (GCCIS) and she was my professor for two required IT core courses, "Ethics in Computing" and "Human-Computer Interfaces" (HCI). I liked her teaching and the subject matter so much that I ended up taking HCI and Technical Writing as my minor concentrations.

Cathy invited me to take a quarter-long co-op with her to explore the topics of HCI and accessibility by revamping her departmental website into a fully-accessible nexus of information.

What I Did

  • Created entirely new site theme with CSS
  • Reorganized information in more logical groupings
  • Implemented and reorganized previous graduate student's SQL database of Access & Accessability links
  • Ensured and tested readability of entire site by text browsers and screen readers
  • Ensured and tested conformation to maximum compliance to WAI-AAA guidelines


Thumbnail of Original home page
Original home page
Thumbnail of Original "About" page
Original "About" page


Thumbnail of New home page
New home page
Thumbnail of New "About" page
New "About" page