Co-Op #3: Kresege Hearing Research Institute

The Story

My third co-op was at the University of Michigan's Kresege Hearing Research Institute during the summer of 2007. My job was to overhaul the existing website by rebuilding it from the ground up. I scanned, collected, and organized photos and research for the entire faculty, and I interviewed every faculty member for updates to their individual pages and labs.

What I Did

  • Created entirely new CSS site theme based off a single .jpg template
  • Completely rebuilt the entire FrontPage-generated old website using the new CSS layout from scratch
  • Reduced thousands of lines of unnecessary and complex code to simple, readable, easily maintainable code
  • Removed or re-wrote all unnecessary Javascript scripts, which caused the site to load noticeably faster on slower connections
  • Ensured that the website was readable on lower resolutions and was accessable to screen readers, which the old site was not
  • Kept existing file structure with an absolute minimum of reorganizing
  • Updated individual professors' and researchers' websites with their current photos, documentation, and research
  • Taught the system administrator how to maintain the code so he and future interns can easily maintain the website


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Home page
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Faculty index page
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Dr. Schacht's faculty page
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Research labs index page
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An individual lab index page
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Lab personnel page
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Lab publications page
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